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I love this photo so much. These two wearing book bags, holding hands,

remind me of first graders on their first day of school.



Recently, I wrote an article about problems the senior population may face due to age discrimination in the marketplace. Some flat out need to work. Others may want to add to their retirement account by working a few extra years. And many find retirement boring and they’re looking for something a little more stimulating than the Rockford Files. (Actually, that is a great series and much more satisfying than the endless kickboxing scenes, cars and buildings exploding, hip profanity, and sex scenes bordering on pornographic to be found on cable TV.)

I dated myself there, didn’t I? It takes a senior to know a senior.

I am speaking to you now about possibilities. You may have missed your 8th grade graduation, or you may be an exceptional 90-year old, but it’s never too late to go back to school, nor is it ever too late to learn new things. And it is never too late to begin a new career.

But why not make it easy on yourself. Choose an online business. In fact for a few very important reasons I will share below, choose affiliate marketing. (There are many more reasons than a few, which I will share in future articles.)

In this hour, with the labor market such as it is, i.e., tight, there are jobs for seniors. Restaurants, for example, are desperate to find live bodies to fill their shifts. They are willing to overlook senior moments and are ecstatic to find a person who is prompt and does what he says he will do.

But beware, the hours can be long, the work brutal, and the pay insignificant. Managers are forced to ask you to come in on your days off, because someone has simply walked off into the spaces beyond (including the managers) and failed to show up for their shift. The New Work Ethic, established by several spoiled, over privileged, ME! NOW! generations has been brewing in the witch’s cauldron since the 70s, and is now exploding in full-blown manifestation.

For former business owners, working for someone else for minimum wage may feel uncomfortable, the best scenario, or, the worst scenario, turn out very badly– with you planted in the middle of the scene I just described. Trust me on this: been there, done that.


So, Why Is Affiliate Marketing Best?


This Picture Illustrates My Absolute

Number One Reason To Do Affiliate Marketing.

“I don’t know how to act my age. I’ve never been this old before.” (unknown)

On the question of age, should it matter? It really does depend on the situation, doesn’t it? Do you want to play professional basketball? Age might matter. Do you want to win the gold medal for gymnastics? Age might matter.

Do you want to be CEO of a company and have the best qualifications to do it? Unfortunately, age might matter. In the public market, age does matter most of the time, although in many cases it should not. For the most part, ageism is alive and well.

However, depending on who’s doing the hiring and what the specific requirements are, age doesn’t seem to matter so much when you’re working online. And it matters not at all, if you’re running your own business.

Briefly, back to the idea of heading back to school: I could have happily stayed in school forever, and I would still go back if it was practical, but it isn’t. How about you? Does a brick and mortar college with a set in stone schedule fit into your immediate future?

You may have guessed, I love learning. I especially love learning, because it keeps my mind active. I am in the process every day of growing new brain cells. From much study, I discovered you can actually grow brain cells at a faster rate than lose them.

Am I good at computers? Not even. But I grew a lot of new brain cells and built this website. And it wasn’t boring.

Are you one of the people at the end of the distribution bell curve who want to learn more, accept new challenges? The folks on the other end have come to be known as couch potatoes. Of we older lovers of continuing education, statistics say we’re in the top 10%. A few of us may be in the 2% end of the bell curve tail. We are called fringe crazies. I would rather be crazy than bored. How about you?


Turn on the Brain, My Number Two Reason to Work Online


Magnifying Brain Power


Would You Love To Start an Online Business?


You could say I am passionate about working online, and about working my own business, both of which, I can do anywhere. Remember, “anywhere” is my favorite criteria. However, the question today is– Do you want to, or need to start a business? Do you have a business already and you want to build a website for it? Could you grow your present business by adding an internet arm? Affiliate marketing isn’t the only way to use online tools and technology. (Watch for upcoming posts on all types of online businesses.)

What are your passions?

Did anything I said strike a pleasant sounding chord in you? You have come to the right place. In future articles– a series of them– I plan to take apart the affiliate marketing business, to dissect it into its many intricasies. And then, I plan to evaluate other types of online business, for example, travel and photography.

I hope you will follow me into our futures where online business is concerned.

Depending where you’re at in the world of computers and internet, the idea of jumping online to build websites and start businesses may be daunting. Not to worry. It will be a soft landing.


cat asleep on pillow

Wealthy Affiliate


Several years ago, I found a special place, a complete online business platform, offering a university full of training on how to build a professional website, start, and run an online business. Go here if you want to see it now. There is a free week to look around, and they won’t be asking you for your credit card to look around or to try. Or read on and find another link at the bottom of the page.

Go Here                    Be sure to read the whole page.


A Unique Campus


Several features separate Wealthy Affiliate from the pack. From the beginning, the initial developers, who continue to be forefront and visible forces, promoted a what goes around comes around, pay it forward, help one another to succeed and by so doing create one’s own success.

Wealthy Affiliate has grown into a full-blown social network with hundreds of thousands of new friends from everywhere around the world. It doesn’t really matter, our age, or gender, or nationality. And isn’t that nice? It makes me happy to find new friends, some I can relate to based on similar age and background, and some who can teach me new things about their country and culture, so many stories, so interesting.

Since this is a post directed toward seniors, I will share that I call us professors. We are on a unique campus and we have a store of information and experience. Sure we can use a profile picture from years back, or our pet’s picture, and I am certainly not opposed to that, but our voice will eventually betray us. We can’t help sounding wise, right? Hence, a wise cat. (lol)

Home for the Shy (or Extrovert)


Are you shy? I was for a while, but the more I took advantage of the comradery and shared enthusiasm for building a profitable future, the more I opened up, the more I learned, and the more fun I had. That should read: the more fun I have.

Or are you an extrovert? You will fit it in well. There are plenty of others in Wealthy Affiliate just like you. Some of them are our best trainers. UTube stars.

It’s fun to reminisce with others in my age group or perhaps, from my area of the world. It is also stimulating to hear news and information about my subjects of interest. This could be art, music, and photography– or it could be crypto, blockchain, web3, AI, AR, and VR and everything else from the Reddit crowd.


Training Cum Laude


The training at Wealthy Affiliate is the best–in all ways to make money online. It’s like running your own business on a college campus. How do you choose your course load when there are so many available courses?

Free Bonus: And there is all that energy generated by enthusiastic learners, young and old– and, of course, a whole lot of experience demonstrated by the professors.

In the future, plan on reading reviews and comparisons on various online platforms and tools.

If you follow this link, I will meet you there on the Wealthy Affiliate campus. It’s free to look. No credit card. I’ll take you to lunch.

Follow this Link

 No Couch Potatoes Allowed.

Work online from anywhere. If you can dream it, you can do it.

I would love to hear your views on this post.

“I don’t let my age define me but the side-effects are getting harder to ignore.” – Unknown


 To review, here are six general benefits one can expect from working online, and to be specific, building a business on the Wealthy Affiliate platform:

1. Work from anywhere in the world. Think beach.

2. Learn new skills and stimulate your brain. Grow new brain cells.

3. Find your niche and/or passion or expand an existing business online.

4. Join a new kind of social network and benefit from a global pool of FRIENDS and experts.

5. Learn to build your own website and from a variety of online opportunities, create an online business.  

6. Find specific courses to meet your particular needs on a superior training platform. 

Thank you for reading my post. See you on the inside.